OTG: Ski Goggles to wear over the glasses

Delayon Eyewear OTG Ski Goggle over the Glasses

DELAYON Eyewear Explorer Rolle Over The Glasses

What is OTG?

OTG stands for “Over The Glasses” and describes our frame design designed to combine ski goggles and optical glasses. All OTG-Frames feature a special notch on each side. This notch gives up to 2cm clearence to fit the temples of your regular glasses.

Who should use OTG frames?

We recommend everyone wearing higher diopter optical glasses to use OTG frames under certain conditions (read below: What should i consider?). If you have the possibility to use contact lenses though, we recommend you to use those instead, as they provide more safety when riding in foggy conditions or when crashing.

Do all goggles have a OTG-version?

Yes. While each goggle model has a different shape, size and as a result space on the side, all goggles have at least one OTG-frame version. For our popular explorer model we feature the OTG frame only in Matte Black color. This frame can be combined with a selection of straps and lenses. Our Core 2in1 model features OTG on all frames, yet it does not provide the same space as its bigger brother the Explorer goggle. Also, to fit glasses underneath the Core 2in1 frame, you might have to modify the 3 layer foam yourself*. In general the Core 2in1 model is only suitable for smaller and narrower glasses, compared to the specially redesigned frame of the explorer.

Do all glasses fit on OTG frames?

Usually yes. Our goggles are quite big and provide lots of room for all common shape designs to fit inside the goggle. Only big sized glasses would not fit.

Can i also wear optical sunglasses underneath the goggles?

Optical sunglasses or tinted optical lenses (including photochromatic) should not be used in combination with goggles. As brightness decreases, your iris will widen itself to compensate darkness. As a result, your eye will get extremely sensitive and might be blended when increasing brightness again. So: either goggles OR sunglasses!

What should i consider?

You need to wear glasses when riding and couldn’t find the right goggle yet? Our OTG frames will definitely help you! Before you go and hit the slopes, let us remind you about two things you should be aware of and consider, when riding with optical glasses:

1. Less safe
While our goggles are highly flexible and impact resistant, your glasses are probably not. Be aware that wearing glasses might increase the risk of injuries when crashing. You might want to consider getting yourself more flexible glasses.

2. Prepare your glasses
Just as we have to battle moisture and fog on our lenses, you will need to fight them on your glasses. We recommend you using a Anti-Fog lens treatment to avoid your lenses from blurring your vision.

*Please be aware: modifications, such as cuts or removals of face-from from our goggles, my disqualify you from successfully returning the product. Please contact us upfront for personal consultancy.

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