Delayon Eyewear OTG Ski Goggle over the Glasses
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OTG: Ski Goggles to wear over the glasses

DELAYON Eyewear Explorer Rolle Over The Glasses

What is OTG?

OTG stands for “Over The Glasses” and describes our frame design designed to combine ski goggles and optical glasses. All OTG-Frames feature a special notch on each side. This notch gives up to 2cm clearence to fit the temples of your regular glasses.

Who should use OTG frames?

We recommend everyone wearing higher diopter optical glasses to use OTG frames under certain conditions (read below: What should i consider?). If you have the possibility to use contact lenses though, we recommend you to use those instead, as they provide more safety when riding in foggy conditions or when crashing.

Do all goggles have a OTG-version?

Yes. While each goggle model has a different shape, size and as a result space on the side, all goggles have at least one OTG-frame version. For our popular explorer model we feature the OTG frame only in Matte Black color. This frame can be combined with a selection of straps and lenses. Our Core 2in1 model features OTG on all frames, yet it does not provide the same space as its bigger brother the Explorer goggle. Also, to fit glasses underneath the Core 2in1 frame, you might have to modify the 3 layer foam yourself*. In general the Core 2in1 model is only suitable for smaller and narrower glasses, compared to the specially redesigned frame of the explorer.

Do all glasses fit on OTG frames?

Usually yes. Our goggles are quite big and provide lots of room for all common shape designs to fit inside the goggle. Only big sized glasses would not fit.

Can i also wear optical sunglasses underneath the goggles?

Optical sunglasses or tinted optical lenses (including photochromatic) should not be used in combination with goggles. As brightness decreases, your iris will widen itself to compensate darkness. As a result, your eye will get extremely sensitive and might be blended when increasing brightness again. So: either goggles OR sunglasses!

What should i consider?

You need to wear glasses when riding and couldn’t find the right goggle yet? Our OTG frames will definitely help you! Before you go and hit the slopes, let us remind you about two things you should be aware of and consider, when riding with optical glasses:

1. Less safe
While our goggles are highly flexible and impact resistant, your glasses are probably not. Be aware that wearing glasses might increase the risk of injuries when crashing. You might want to consider getting yourself more flexible glasses.

2. Prepare your glasses
Just as we have to battle moisture and fog on our lenses, you will need to fight them on your glasses. We recommend you using a Anti-Fog lens treatment to avoid your lenses from blurring your vision.

*Please be aware: modifications, such as cuts or removals of face-from from our goggles, my disqualify you from successfully returning the product. Please contact us upfront for personal consultancy.


7 Basic rules for your entry into the world of freeriding

Let’s be honest. The reason why I moved to Innsbruck was not so much my choice of study program but the possibility to go snowboarding every day. Since I have been snowboarding regularly, I prefer being off-piste. That’s where everything began. “Freeriding” slowly became my new hobby. For me, the mountains, the fresh air, the panorama, the adrenaline kick and the feeling of freedom while deep-snow skiing and snowboarding is absolutely fantastic and always brings a big smile to my face. Nevertheless, the incredible freedom also brings many risks. That’s why I will provide you with 5 hot tips which you should keep in mind when starting freeriding.

1. Never go into the backcountry alone

Each one well knows the saying „no friends on powder days“. However, the probably most important rule in freeriding is: Never go off-piste alone! Going into the backcountry alone is simply irresponsible. And moreover, a shared powder adventure with friends is way more fun anyway! Nevertheless, it is equally important to never ski/snowboard steep runs at the same time. This increases the pressure on the slope and therefore the chance of causing an avalanche.

2. Always have suitable equipment with you

Without suitable gear everything offside marked skiing grounds counts as strictly restricted zone. A helmet and a backpack with safety equipment is a must. The safety equipment consists of an avalanche transceiver with three receiving antennas and with DPS (digital signal processor), a shovel and a probe. With the help of the avalanche transceiver you can search buried people as well as you can be found. Ensure to switch the avalanche transceiver to “send” before riding off. Only in case of locating somebody you change the mode of the avalanche transceiver to “search”. Also, it is always good to have a fully charged mobile phone and a first aid kit with you. Important: Always remove the batteries from the device at the end of the season, they may leak and destroy it. For further information on how to do store your winter stuff properly have a look at “Summertime – How to store your winter stuff properly“.

3. Regularly attend avalanche training courses

Taking safety equipment with you is one thing. The key, however, is to be able to deal with it. Buying everything and reading the operating instructions is certainly not sufficient. You have to become familiar with your own device and test it under reasonable real conditions. Almost every big ski resort offers avalanche training fields or avalanche training courses , where you can learn and train the procedure in the event of an emergency. In Innsbruck, for example, there are regularly avalanche training courses consisting of a theoretical part and a practice day at the Nordkette.

4. Check the weather before going freeriding 

Besides having and knowing how to use your safety equipment, you have to analyze the weather and avalanche situation, before you go freeriding. The most important reference for this is the official “European avalanche danger scale”. It distinguishes between danger level 1 (low) to danger level 5 (very high). Starting from level 3 only  slopes of no more than 35 degrees are permitted. Level 4 and 5 mean without any exception: No off-piste fun. On top of that, attention should be paid to snow condition, snow load, temperature, slope exposure and wind direction. Learning to read and interpret these factors requires much practice and know how. Therefore, especially as a freeriding beginner, you should always go freeriding with somebody who is familiar with these topics.

5. Make yourself fit

Freeriding can be terribly exhausting and requires plenty of strength, endurance and balance. There are many different possibilities to develop a basic fitness. This summer, for example, I spent my free time with surfing. Apart from that I like going for a run, hiking or sometimes also climbing. On top of  that, I am convinced of a structured strength training for the entire body (for example at Happy Fitness in Innsbruck). Stable torso muscles and basic athletics are important prerequisites for freeriding and additionally an injury prophylaxis. Riding in deep snow requires perfect body control, a good body rhythm and especially balance. Besides extreme pressure on leg and torso muscles, flexibility and the ability to react quickly is needed.

6. Respect the nature

Freeriding also means that one penetrate into the nature and in the habitat for many plants and animals. Please have respect the nature and avoid protected wildlife areas (established by the municipality or by the canton) so that you avoid a permanent destruction. After all, it’s the nature which makes the freeriding-fun possible and we should preserve this privilege for a very long time.

7. Practice makes perfect

Oh year and of course the probably most important tip: practice, practice, practice. Skiing and snowboarding in deep-snow can only learned through practice, just like riding over moguls. So let’s go!

About Lulu:

Lulu is a dedicated snowboarder and a world-traveler in the most purest form. Coming from northern Germany, she followed her inner voice to Tyrol simply because of pure love for the mountains. She now spends more time on the mountain than in University.

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5 Reasons why you should live and work in the mountains

Endlich Wochenende, endlich Zeit für die schönen Dinge des Lebens. So geht es Vielen die nach einer 40 Stunden Woche im Büro heilfroh sind endlich wieder raus in die Natur zu kommen. Doch warum eigentlich immer den Spagat versuchen, wenn man beides Miteinander kombinieren kann?

Die Lösung: Ein Leben in den Bergen!

Dafür sprechen unzählige Gründe – wir nennen dir hier jene Fünf, die für uns besonders wichtig sind.


1. Du lebst Gesünder

Stell dir vor: Du hast die Berge vor der Haustür, kannst mit dem Fahrrad zum Skilift fahren (wenn du nicht gerade eingeschneit bist) und siehst jeden morgen die imposante Bergkulisse im Sonnenaufgang. Ich glaube wir müssen nicht betonen, dass du in so einer Umgebung eher wenig Zeit auf der Couch verbringen würdest. Anstatt dir im Feierabend eine Wampe mit deinen Freunden anzutrinken, gehst du noch schnell eine Feierabend-Skitour. Anstatt am Döner-Stand irgendeinen Müll in dich zu stopfen, geniesst du die traditionelle Küche deiner Lieblings Hütte – den kleinen Traditonellen, nicht den Touri-Hütten. Kurzum: Du wirst es lieben und dein Körper wird es dir danken. Du weisst: Körper und Seele im Gleichgewicht – noch Fragen?


2. U-Bahn vs. Gondel?

Anstatt den nervigen Wecker am Morgen drei mal auf “Snooze” zu klopfen und dann mit tausend anderen Back-an-Backe in der U-Bahn zu stehen könntest du deinen Tag auch anders starten. Stell dir vor, du schläfst und auf einmal wachst du durch einen lauten Knall auf. Du schaust aus dem Fenster und siehst den frischen Schnee in der Sonne funkeln. Während ein Knall auf den nächsten folgt, das Skigebiet will ja schliesslich eröffnen und sprengt wie Wahnsinnig, springst du um 7:00 Uhr voll motiviert aus dem Bett, machst dich fertig. Du gehst aus dem Haus, während du dein Brett, das schnelle Frühstück und dein Handy, auf dem du gerad den Lawinenlagebericht liesst, versuchst zu balancieren und dich auf dem Weg zu Gondel machst. Gut, dass morgendliche Gedränge hast du hier morgens auch, denn neben dir wollen auch 200 Andere den ersten Schwung machen. Aber: selbst wenn du nicht die First line erwischt, ist der Schnee doch besser als im Büro.


3. Klein und dennoch international

Wie du spätestens beim Projekt “First Line vor der Arbeit” festgestellt haben magst, ist deine “Andere” Lebenseinstellung garnicht so einzigartig. Denn so wie der Schnee jeden zur Gondel lockt, locken die Berge viele in die größeren Berg-Städte. Auch wenn nicht alle wegen dem Schnee hier sein mögen, schließlich gibt es ja auch noch etwas mehrere Bergsportarten als Skifahren, so ergibt sich doch angetrieben durch die Topographie ein Pool voller interessanter, internationaler und motivierter Charaktere. Dieser Mix ist nicht nur immer wieder erfrischend, sondern bietet dir auch viele inspirierende Geschichten. Auch wenn es am Ende des Tagen nicht ums Geld geht, so muss die Saisonkarte ja irgendwie bezahlt werden. Vitamin B ist hier oftmals dein Freund und nichtselten ergeben sich viele geschäftliche Chancen im Sessellift.

Photo: Innsbruck Tourismus

4. No time for Bullshit

In unserer über-versicherten Welt neigen wir dazu uns zu häufig auf Andere zu verlassen. Nun, wenn du oben am Berg eine Abfahrt genommen hast und vor einem großen Cliff stehst, hilft dir Niemand. In den Bergen treten wir Mutter Natur nackt gegenüber und müssen selbst mit der Situation klarkommen. In einer Umgebung, in der man nicht immer die Chance hat aus Fehlern zu lernen, lernen wir lösungs-orientiert zu Arbeiten. Anstatt groß über Probleme zu diskutieren und  in Selbstmitleid zu verfallen, geht es hier darum die Dinge selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, denn schliesslich kannst du hoch in die Berge. Und Die nehmen dir wirklich jeden Kummer.


5. Work Life Balance

Wir alle haben den Entdecker-Drang in uns und brauchen ab und zu unsere Tage…also unsere wilden Tage. Die großen Ansiedelungen der Alpen (zB. Chamonix, Davos, Innsbruck, Lienz) bieten dir die Möglichkeit deinen Entdeckerdrang voll und ganz auszuleben und dennoch in eine soziale Gesellschaft integriert zu sein und ein “normales Leben” zu führen. Die hervorragende Infrastruktur bietet dir hier beste Möglichkeiten dich selbst zu verwirklichen und jeden tag voll und ganz zu geniessen. Und wenn du dann doch mal arbeiten musst, nutze doch die Vorteile der digitalen Welt, vor den du eigentlich geflüchtet bist. Mittlerweile gibt es fast überall Internet und man braucht doch mittlerweile eh murdoch seinen Computer um zu arbeiten, oder? Wer sagt dann, dass du im Büro sein musst. Mit der Zeit wirst du deine Touren geschickt um deine Verpflichtungen planen. Emails schrieben kann man ja auch vom Skilift oder der Hütte aus – deine Kollegen verlassen sich bestimmt auch auf die 20cm Regel. Und wenn du mal einfach nur trinken willst, kannst du das natürlich auch – du hast genügend Hütten zu Auswahl!

Event Tip:

Skinnovation is a startup conference on of a kind. You can leave you suit at home and better pack your outerwear and warm socks. Skinnovation combines skiing and innovation by bringing young entrepreneurs from around the world together – on the mountain! Be part of a vast exchange and profit from different experiences, cultures and perspectives. You also have the chance to listen to dozens of renown business gurus from all kinds of industries and can pitch your business plan in the chairlift. Trust us when we say: the investor wont be able to escape your pitch and will NEED to listen.

We believe in the mountain spirit, we are collaborating with Skinnovation since day one for more than 3 years now. As we combine the passion for outdoors and business ourselves each day, we support this unique format and enjoy the relaxed  and inspiring atmosphere. Life is better in the mountains – so is business!

Skinnovation Movie 2017_1


8.3. -10.3.18 in Innsbruck (Skiresorts Axamer Lizum & Schlick 2000)

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