Our Sustainability Strategy

Every economic activity leaves its mark and uses natural resources that are limited on our planet. It is therefore our responsibility to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. To do this, we must keep resource consumption and negative ecological impacts to a minimum. In the past, we have benefited a great deal from our environment, the people who work for us, our partners and sports, and we therefore feel obliged to provide added value for our community. As a privately owned company that is not dependent on investors, we can place our focus on this transformation process uninfluenced and shape it independently.

In collaboration with sustainable development experts from the University of Innsbruck, we have developed a sustainability strategy that reflects our responsibility to treat people and nature fairly:

Our sustainability strategy is based on five fields of action that are crucial for the sustainable development of our company. These fields of action provide the framework for the concrete measures we take to minimize our environmental footprint and create social value. Our strategy enables us to respond quickly to changes in today’s fast-moving world and thus always maintain a focus on the more sustainable development of our company.

We consider sustainability to be a lifelong learning process. Just as we continue to improve our products, processes and company, we will also constantly optimize our sustainability strategy in order to reduce the negative environmental impact of our corporate actions and offer added social value.

Share Your Vision

We define sustainability as a continuous optimization process. We therefore continuously review our sustainability strategy and measures to make our company fit for the future and make our contribution to combating the climate crisis. To be successful, however, it needs everyone’s commitment. That’s why we welcome your participation: Do you have concrete suggestions and ideas for action? Do you have constructive criticism of our strategy? You are interested and have questions?

Use the contact form and get involved in our efforts. We look forward to an interesting exchange.