From designing product, sales and the days off. Everything we do is built around our passions and our love for board-sports. We believe, working on products we use ourselves in a environment we many other people go for vacation makes the whole work process more enjoyable for everyone - from producers to consumers. 

We are constantly looking for passionate people to share this love and enthusiasm with us. Even if there are not suitable positions for you listed below, feel free to contact us with your vision in mind.

You are finishing your studies? How about some work experience at the end and collect University Credits in a young entrepreneurial environment? Check our Internship section below:


At DELAYON, we are constantly looking for passionate and ambitious People to take over important assignments and take over responsibility. Leave your suit and office map at home and rather bring in your creativity and passion. Being a skier or snowboarder helps to enjoy the awesome days working in the waist deep snow, you can expect from times by the nature of our environment.

We are looking for support in the following fields of work:

  • Online Marketing
  • Content Production (Photo & Video)
  • Sales & Accounting