Proform Program & Sponsoring

Proform Program

Through this program you, the professionals, can get everything you need to do your job for a promotional price. Weather you are a Ski/Snowboard instructor, Industry Partner or upcoming Athlete, we are excited to see your interest in our brand and interested to support you in your profession. Please provide us the following information to proceed your application:

  1. Personal Information* (Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number)
  2. Profession* (Position, Company & Operating Location)
  3. Company Info (Company application only)



    Products purchased through the Proform Program are for your personal use only. Any person found to be attempting to resell or otherwise re-distribute products purchased through the Proform Program will be excluded from future discounts. All Proform Program Applicants are reviewed for their qualification.

    Proform Codes can not be combined with other discount offers from DELAYON Eyewear.

    Proform Codes are valid for one order of: 1 Goggle, 1 Sunglass & unlimited Accessories



    Sponsorship requests should be supported by a strong resume to reenforce capabilities as a brand ambassador. Please fully collect and provide the following information:

    1. Personal Information* (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Adress, Phone Number)
    2. Profession & Career* (Contest Results, Social Media Channels & Exposure)
    3. Additional Information (anything that can reenforce your capabilities as a representative of the brand)


    These materials should be formally assembled and submitted so they can be passed on to team managers for evaluation.