CORE 2.0 Lens STRONG Pink

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The bright allrounder for all flat light conditions.


Technical Specifications

Magnetic Quick Change Lens System

  • 8 Magnet System for CORE 2.0
  • change lens within seconds
  • remove easily for cleaning

Cylindrical Lens

  • big field of vision
  • optimal visual perception
  • 55% VLT
  • CAT. 1
  • durable Anti-Scratch surface*
  • all flat light conditions

1.4mm Polycarbonate

  • extreme impact resistant
  • improved safety
  • Anti-Scratch Coating*

100% UV + Antifog

  • 100% UV - A/B protection (10-400nm Wavelength)
  • clear vision


*Scratch resistance: All lenses are covered with a resin based Anti-Scratch coating to prevent scratches in the actual lens. Bigger impacts (crash, fall, sports equipment) still may penetrate this coating and lead to visible damages within the structure