At DELAYON, we want do things for the right reason. Starting as a lifestyle label in Munich we shaped our brand by the influences we have been driven by. Combining classical design with the most practical & legere solution has always been paramount to us. Instead of designing fashion for fast moments, we targeted designs for an outdoor active & passionate lifestyle. We never chased trends and worked against a wasteful “Fast Fashion” from the beginning.

After all, DELAYON is a brand founded by mountain lovers – people who want to explore nature more than anything else. We never experienced a fixed office place and worked where our passions guided us. Whether with sand between our toes or deep powder flying around us – it made this journey to what it is now.

Time goes by fast when you are having fun. For us, it feels like yesterday when we had the initial idea of creating a brand with a wild cat logo. Yet, sweat and tears reminded us about the uncompromisable passion and energy we put into this. Realising where we have came from, we saw where we would be going. We decided to write the next chapter of our brand and extend the Delayon-Family by something, that is bringing it all back to it´s roots and defines who we are – Boardriders.


DELAYON Eyewear is the result of our passions and interest for change within the industry. We love snowboarding and skiing so much, that we wanna get the most out of every turn we make. In order to get this sensation, we always needed top notch equipment, yet we could never associate ourselves with the mainstream market. Cooperations didn’t take care of us as riders and business felt too much top to bottom.

As a result, we set off to create a valuable brand, bringing high technology products for a more reasonable price to the slopes. We want our customers to get a high quality and satisfying product and still have a few bucks left in their wallet to hit the slopes the next day. We want you to #RideMore – literally!

E.P.I.C. Values


We spend a lot of time outdoors doing what we love and learned to cherish mother nature as our home. While every human action is leaving it´s trace, we wanna do our best to reduce our ecological footprint by small changes that make a big difference. All softgoods get produced within European Union to keep production ways short and ensure minimum CO2 Emissions during transportation. Moving production closer to our market, we can also respond faster to our customer needs and feedback.


Working in close contact with nature is not always easy. Harsh weather, failures and the constant need in ourselves to push forward can be hard from times. Yet, we love the outdoors, we love to ride all kinds of boards and we love to create new things. We hate to fail, but never fear it. It´s this spirit, that keeps us exploring the nature. The same passion is guiding us on this venture as well and we couldn’t be happier to share it with riders around the world with the same love in mind.


It´s our general choice to be loyal and honest in our work and hold ourselves to these moral values. We asked ourselves “what we would expect from a brand being a customer”. From the start of DELAYON, we wanted to do things for the right reason. Create a product, we could totally trust and rely on ourselves. Combined, the DELAYON Family has several decades of both industry & mountain experience and we have seen many products and brands come and go. We expect a lot from our personal equipment. No less then our own demands ensure the performance of our products. We believe, only a product we would by ourselves is worth to be presented to our customers. Yet our effort doesn’t end here. We stand behind our products and therefore also behind the customer service it takes to make you enjoy your rides with our goggles.


The community is what is bringing everything to life. Without the riders that share our values with every turn, every slash, with every smile on their face, we wouldn’t get satisfaction in our work. Approaching everyone involved with respect and support has always been the core of DELAYON and we are more than happy to bring this into our Eyewear collection. The biggest joy for us has always been to see other people enjoying our products. We are now able to spread this stoke even further and bring it in higher terrain.