5 things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown


To all skiers and snowboarders – what can you do during COVID-19 lockdown?

Season came to an early end and COVID 19 has the whole world in its grip. If somebody would have told us half a year ago that we all will be in home quarantine – we would have laughed in his/her face. Crazy? Yess. Necessary? Yess. And we are all in it. So please #staythefuckhome. Next season will come and so the powder. We know it’s hard. We know your feet are itchy to get out again. But heads up, here are 5 things you can do during COVID-19 lockdown, which might make staying home a little less boring and a little more productive.


  1. Stay fit and do your f***** home work out

Lockdown doesn’t mean to stay in bed the whole day and binch watch Netflix series. Now you have time to finally work on your summer six pack and train your thighs for the upcoming enduro bike tours (yess this season paddling uphill is included). Our friends from Base Five offer every day online workout sessions for free – go on join the community. No excuses. You can find the workouts here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/


  1. Strengthen your Immune System

Now it’s more important than ever to give your body what it needs. Strengthen your immunesystem. Healthy nutrition and a balanced daily routine help. Now you have time to cook and look after yourself. And furthermore it’s maybe a start to a better nutrition plan you always wanted to go for?

Well the overload of advice and tips you find online can often be frustrating though. We can help – or Mieke Tasch can – she wrote a blog article on how to stay healthy in these crazy times. Check it out.


Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast – start your day right. cc: MiekeTatsch


  1. Plan your summer

We all don’t know how long COVID19 will last. How long travelling restrictions are uphold. Or what the summer brings. But don’t get frustrated. Maybe it’s time to spend our holidays in our backyard and support our crashed, local tourism economy. And come on it is freaking beautiful here in the Alps as well. Check bike trips to south tyrol or maybe even transalp? If you are missing the ocean and riding some waves UP Stream Surfing might be able to cure your longings. Try it out – surffeeling on the river.




  1. Gear check

Got some scratches from the last powderday where the base was not as good as expected and sharks attacked regularly? Perfect for lockdown – ski and board service. Get them ready for some spring tours or worst case next season. This will keep you busy for at least one afternoon.

Depending on how long lockdown will last bike season is definitely around the corner. Have you already serviced your bike? Give your babe a good wash, some oil for the chains and fresh breaks. Maybe some more treatment is needed – then check your local bike shop around the corner – for sure they are happy to have some work in those times. #supportyourlocalshop By the way –  still need a new bike goggle? Well we might be able to help you here – Check our one and only neon bike goggle.

And stay tuned for some new shades.

Bike Goggle

cc: theforestcrew


  1. Step up your sustainability game

Yess COVID19 even has some positive side effects. Air pollution due to CO2 emissions decreases dramatically world wide and nature has some time to breath again. And now we have the chance to change. Do we continue everything as it was before lockdown? Or grab the opportunity to a more sustainable way of life. Use your time now to inform yourself about climate change and on what you can do. Here we want to present Protect Our Winters. A community of wintersports and mountainsports enthusiasts fighting against climate change. Check them out – they have some useful tips how you as an athlete can get active. You can find the website of Protect Our Winters Austria here with a good article about Corona

And finally a movie suggestions (because sometimes even in lockdown you need to chill and watch a movie) – Jeremy Jones (pro snowboarder and founder of POW) shot Ode-to-Muir a movie describing a journey balancing the challenges of winter with what it means to explore such a vast natural environment. You can watch it here for free: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/films/ode-to-muir-film 

COVID19 Before and After Graphik

After COVID19 – What do you choose? Copyright POW/MNachtschatt


Oh one more – ‘cause we just stumbled across it – get the tons of picture and video material sorted and show us some good edits. Looking forward to seeing some crazy stuff.

Have a good lockdown and keep the spirits up.

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