Couloir Sunglasses – Designed to take you higher.

new couloir sunglasses

While the whole world was standing still we did quite the opposite – launching our new sunglasses…

COVID 19 – thanks for the early season end. Well almost. Beginning of March when the snow was still ok and we had loads of plans and project suddenly COVID19 struck us with all its force. Ski resorts closing down and locking us up in our houses. All those well-planned tours crumbling and our adventurous spirits crying.

Well now, 6 weeks later, as the lockdown measures are loosened a little bit and we are allowed to go and explore the mountains again, spring and summer temperatures are ruling the country. Snow is only to be found in higher alpine terrain and closely connected with a loooooooooong hike. Seriously long, as glacier ski resorts are still closed and most likely will stay like that until the snow is gone.

couloir sunglasses ideal for hiking

So what are we up to?

Guess what – launching a new pair of sunglasses specifically designed for higher alpine tours. Ok we called them couloir sunglasses because we were all into couloir hiking and most of our plans were about exploring and riding couloirs the rest of the season. Well now we are still into couloir hiking – the hiking just got a bit longer and more exhausting.

The new couloir sunglasses make you smile

Protect your eyes.

But the higher you get in altitude the higher is the impact of the UV rays on your eyes. Especially on glaciers the reflection of the snow can double this impact. 2 Only protecting your eyes while skiing down doesn’t make the cut. I mean going down takes only couple of minutes while hiking up feels like eternity.

And it’s not only the higher impact of UV but also the reflection by the snow from all sides hitting your eyes, which needs special attention. Those pretty rad looking leather patches on the sides are not only there for (let’s be honest here) the good old vintage look revival style. Nope they actually help to shield your eyes from sideway reflections.

perfect for hiking

So for everybody who is still up for some snow adventures, or even if you are more into putting on your hiking boots – check out our couloir sunglasses.  Designed to take you higher.

summit happiness with couloir sunglasses


In times like these we need your help and support. Even if you feel like you don’t need glacier sunglasses right now, they don’t have an expiry date and will be good for next year’s couloir missions as well. Style is on point anyways. Gold and black never gets out of fashion (also hitting the vintage look revival style point).


So what are you waiting for? GET YOUR PAIR OF SUNGLASSES HERE.


Author: Verena Stahl

Images: copyright Sven Baaker

Riders: Flurina & Andri Bieger

2 Source:

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