Our Measures


Measures to make more efficient use of the resources we require

Bio-based TPU

Our Green-Flex® TPU material consists of 50% renewable raw materials and thus significantly reduces the ecological footprint of our products. The bio-based plastic is obtained from castor oil and is processed in just three instead of five steps. As a result, the production process uses 95% less water, 50% less energy and generates 4 kg less CO₂.

All data per kilogram of TPU compared to oil-based TPU.


Sustainable Textiles

For our clothing we use only products that meet the current highest international standards:

  • Organic cotton certified according to ORGANIC 100 or GOTS Standard.
  • 100% recycled polyester certified according to ORGANIC BLEND or Global Recycling Standard


Repair Instead of Replace

We can repair 93% of all warranty cases through minor repairs or by replacing parts*. Since we do not have to replace the entire product, we can save raw materials for precautionary overproduction of spare parts and reduce the waste generated in the process.

Our goal is to keep this consistently above 90% for years to come, providing one of the best warranty services in the industry.

*As of fall 2021, assessment period January 2018-September 2021.


Environmentally Friendly Printing Processes

Our textiles are finished by embroidery or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. DTG printing is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of printing textiles. It uses only water-based inks that are 100% free of heavy metals, formaldehydes and alkylphenol ethoxylates. The inks used are fully biodegradable and meet the highest international standards such as OEK TEX 100, Eco-Passport and GOTS. The printing process is water-free, which also saves resources for the environment.

Minimalistic Packaging

Better for the environment & your wallet!

We pack every order individually and can thereby reduce packaging to the needed minimum. The benefits of our packaging method are immense:

  • 40% less shipping volume
  • 30% price benefit due to logistic costs
  • >80% less trash

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  • Extension of biological or recycled materials to all product categories.
  • Oil-based materials that cannot be replaced should come from the recycling loop.

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Operational measures to reduce negative ecological impacts

CO₂-neutral Logistic

From our production to your home: all our logistical transports are 100% CO₂ neutral. To achieve this, we work exclusively with logistics partners with whom we can compensate for the CO₂ emitted.



Sustainable Packaging

We design our shipping to be as environmentally friendly as possible and use only selected packaging materials:

  • CO₂ neutral and sustainable cardboard boxes (certified by Climate Partner & FSC).
  • Filling material made of recycled paper (certified by the Blauer Engel).
  • All plastic packaging materials we use are reused, 100% recyclable and protect sensitive products from damage

Delayon Eyewear Partner Eden Reforestation Projects Forestation Indonesia

CO₂ Compensation

Since December 2018, we have been planting a tree in Nepal for every product shipped, thus supporting sustainable development in the region.

Our long-term goal is to become a 100% CO₂ neutral company.


Product Life Cycle

Through the modular design of our ski goggles, we want to extend their service life by replacing those parts that typically wear out faster than others. A longer service life for our products is also one of the goals of our DELAYON PASS ON initiative. With this initiative, we want to give used winter sports equipment a second life and thus spread the joy of winter sports. The project offers the possibility to donate old glasses and exchange them for a discount in our online store. All donations are delivered to Pakistan and handed over to the first generation of winter sports enthusiasts, who can often gratefully use the products for years to come.

Renewable Energy

We focus on renewable energy: Our website, technical infrastructure and office rely on 100% renewable energy.
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  • Certified CO₂ neutral by 2025
  • Supply our production sites with electricity from renewable energy sources by 2027
  • Shortening our transport routes by 25% by 2027

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Diese Maßnahmen sollen die für uns tätigen Personen schützen, fördern und integrieren.
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Safety First

Safety has the highest priority for us. All persons operating for us in the mountains should be trained with regard to the alpine dangers and have the necessary safety equipment. Our state-certified mountain & ski guides train our team and teach the latest insights from avalanche science and medical emergency procedures.

Fair Production (in implementation)

We are determined to offer all internal and external service providers fair and safe working conditions. Therefore, we work with selected manufacturers, most of which have already been audited and certified by TÜV Rheinland according to the amfori BSCI guidelines. We are currently developing a control system for all our suppliers.

amfori BSCI Section rating

  • PA1: Social Management System
  • PA2: Workers Involviert and Protection
  • PA3: The Rights of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • PA4: No Discrimination*
  • PA5: Fair Remuneration
  • PA6: Descent Working Hours
  • PA7: Occupational Health and Safety
  • PA8: No Child Labour
  • PA9: Special Protection for Young Workers

*(for example due to  origin, religion, sexual / political orientation)


Flexible working hours & home office

A creative and motivated team is extremely important to us. In order to have enough time for sports, family and daily life, we encourage an independent and remote way of working with flexible working hours. We are convinced this increases creativity and motivation of our team.
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  • Increase participation of our team in strategic direction
  • Implement control systems for our supply chain (by 2027)

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Actions to generate a a social value.

Show Responsibility

We are aware of our role model function as a brand. The sports that we and our athletes promote involve a certain degree of risk. We therefore feel obliged to communicate the “Safety First” approach conscientiously. That’s why we only show images and videos on our channels that convey this idea and show athletes with appropriate safety equipment.
BP 3

Charitable Projects

To foster a sustainable development, we support non-profit projects that strengthen ecological, social and economic structures. A special focus is on combating the climate crisis and strengthening the role of women.
BP 3
Skinnovation - The StartUp Conference on Skis

Promoting Exchange & Synergies

We want to give young people and founders the opportunity to benefit from our experience. Therefore, we are in close exchange with universities, accelerator programs, startups from other industries and accompany entrepreneurial workshops. Our goal is to promote synergies from which everyone can benefit.

Supporting Young Talents & Outdoor Professionals

The mountains are more than just a place of recreation for amateur athletes. For ski instructors, junior athletes and many others, they can be a harsh work environment. We support all outdoor professionals in their work and grant them price advantages for products they need to do their job. We want to support young athletes with product sponsorships and access to our network of industry partners.
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We are grateful!

The Corona pandemic has shown how important medical personnel are to our society. Doctors and nurses have performed unimaginable feats, often risking their own health for the well-being of their patients. We therefore say thank you: with the Pro-Med program, we grant medical personnel access to our Pro-Deal program.
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  • Increased exchange with schools and universities to promote sustainable and safe winter sports
  • Promotion of and awareness raising for Snow Safety through events and workshops

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Strategic decisions as the basis for sustainable development

Slow Fashion

We clearly position ourselves against fast fashion. We are convinced that quality has nothing to do with the year of release of a product. Therefore, we do not release our products in seasonal collections and produce textiles in small series to prevent overstock.


Responsible Banking

Every bank uses its customers’ money as capital to generate profits. Handling our money responsibly is important to us. Our main bank has established a detailed framework for dealing with social and environmental risks, which clearly regulates the granting of loans and investments with regard to natural and social impacts.

Investment & Lending Framework.

No banking transactions will be made related to the following:

  • Projects & activities in world & cultural heritage sites (exception: UNESCO & state government approval).
  • Oil exploration in the Arctic
  • Oil sands extraction & development
  • Mountain Top Removal (MTR) mining methods
  • Coal mining, construction of coal-fired power plants (since 2016) & coal-related infrastructure projects.
  • Target: No coal-related operations from 2025 onwards.

To support sustainable land use and avoid monocultures, the following agricultural businesses must comply with international standards:

  • Palm oil (RSPO certification)
  • Timber (FSC or PEFC)
  • Soy (Roundtable on Responsible Soy or Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy)
  • Cotton (Better Cotton Initiative)
  • Livestock (best practice methods e.g. Global Roundtable for sustainable Beef).
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Privately Held Company

Delayon is a privately owned company independent of investors. Due to the resulting decision-making authority, we are completely independent and can always shape DELAYON according to our values.
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Disqualification from banking business in the fossil energy sector

In order to stop human-accelerated climate change, we are striving to exclude fossil fuels from the banking business of our principal bank.

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Share Your Vision

We see sustainability as a continuous optimization process. We therefore continuously review our sustainability strategy and measures to make our company fit for the future and make our contribution to combating the climate crisis. To be successful, however, it needs everyone’s commitment. That’s why we welcome your participation: Do you have concrete suggestions and ideas for action? Do you have constructive criticism of our strategy? You are interested and have questions?

Use the contact form and get involved in our efforts. We look forward to an interesting exchange.