Our Partners

Mit diesen Organisationen arbeiten wir zusammen, um unsere Ziele zu erreichen.

1% for the Planet

Location: USA
We believe, it’s our responsibility to leave this planet better for the next generation than we found it. As part of our growing commitment to a healthy planet, we are proud to partner with 1% for the Planet. As part of a global alliance of brands, we are committed to invest 1% of our annual revenue for the environment, in addition to our own actions.

As an official partner of 1% for the planet, our customers can now be sure that their trust in our brand goes beyond corporate profits.

We will use the designated funds for our existing but also new projects supported by the expertise of our partner organisations. For 2022, our commitment will even exceed the 1% goal.

Delayon Eyewear Partner Eden Reforestation Projects Forestation Indonesia


Location: Nepal
Eden Reforestion Projects is an NGO that has initiated tree plantations around the world and currently manages projects in eight countries. For the cultivation and planting of the trees, only local workers are employed, who receive a regular income through the plantations, gain environmental awareness and can help determine the ecological and financial development of their region. In addition, women are also employed, which strengthens the role of women in otherwise conservative countries and allows them financial independence.

We have been working with Eden since January 2019, focusing on plantations in Nepal.

Delayon Eyewear Partner Eden Reforestation Projects Forestation Indonesia


Location: Pakistan
From the Alps to Pakistan: ZOM Connection collects second-hand winter sports equipment and clothing throughout Europe and instructs children and young people in Pakistan in various winter sports. The courses are provided by voluntary mountain & ski guides. By now, the NGO collects 4 tons of equipment and clothing annually. A special focus is on young girls, who have received little attention in Islamic Pakistan.

With the DELAYON PASS ON project we support the initiative with beginnings winter 21/22: All submitted products are collected for this purpose.



Location: Germany
The Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima (Alliance for Development and Climate) combines development cooperation and international climate protection through the instrument of voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gases. The development and climate protection projects promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing and emerging countries. The aim is to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2100 and thus comply with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Alliance for Development and Climate Foundation has been helping us to avoid, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions since July 2021.


Share Your Vision

We see sustainability as a continuous optimization process. We therefore continuously review our sustainability strategy and measures to make our company fit for the future and make our contribution to combating the climate crisis. To be successful, however, it needs everyone’s commitment. That’s why we welcome your participation: Do you have concrete suggestions and ideas for action? You have constructive criticism of our strategy? You are interested and have questions?

Use the contact form and get involved in our efforts. We look forward to an interesting exchange.