Every product we produce leaves an impact on our environment. We are aware of this and want to give a piece back to nature. To compensate the impact of our products we decided to take a bold step in 2016: No matter which product you order from us, whether goggle or neckwarmer, whether 95€ or 0€ – we plant a tree for every SHIPPED product.

For this we have teamed up with the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden is an international non-profit organization that aims to restore forests in Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Haiti, Mozambique and many more locations around the globe. The projects are supervised by regional teams and implemented by local people. Since its inception, the initiative has planted over 220 million trees and created 3,500 jobs in the poorest regions of our world.

Eden Projects follows an integrative approach that takes social and financial aspects into account. Worldwide, Eden employs over 3500 local people in some of the poorest regions of our planet. Through donations, these people are given the opportunity to work and do good for the environment through their work. The social impact of this concept is enormous: families have food to eat, children can attend school. Through the financial and social impact on the workers, this project allows for sustainable development.

Help us to give something back to the world.

Delayon Eyewear Partner Eden Reforestation Projects



Trees are in many ways the key to a sustainable future. As the climate is changing, trees “eat up” green house gases like CO2 and exhale pure oxygen. Thats why the biggest forest regions on the planet, especially the Amazonas rain forest, are called “the lung of the planet”. Without these forest, we would not have the climate that our planet has gifted us today. Scientists and politicians around the world aste desperate looking for solutions to capture green house gases. The easiest solution: more trees!


Since hundreds of years, forests around the globe protect us humans from natural disasters. Roots stabilize the ground and secure the thin layer of soil that is enabling life in the Amazonas region.Coastal forests secure shores against the floods and hinder erosion. But if you think, only tropical regions benefit from trees, you are wrong. Around the world, forests provide vital services to us humans by forming natural barriers against natural hazards. For example, without  forests, you would probably not be able to drive in and out of your favorite ski village during a heavy snowstorm.