How does your review system look like?

Each customer who has agreed when placing the order will receive an invitation to evaluate our products after a period of time. This invitation is automatically sent by our service provider CusRev, who receives the reviews, processes them and transfers them to the particular product.

What review management software do you use?

All review invitations and reviews are managed by our third party provider Customer Reviews (CR) is a service for companies that offer a voluntary measure to verify reviews given by customers. CR operates as an independent third party that invites all verified buyers to rate their experience with products and services provided by the companies.

Who can leave a review on your page?

Every customer who has purchased a product in our store and has agreed to be contacted for marketing purposes when placing an order will receive an automated invitation to evaluate our products. Anyone who has purchased their products from other sources will not receive an invitation and will not be able to submit a review on our website.

(Does not apply to reviews on social media platforms, Google or similar!)

Can influencers leave product reviews?

No – only customers, who have purchased their products through our website can leave a review.

How is my review stored?

All reviews are stored according to our Privacy Policy by our third party provider and our own web-system.